Simple guidance for you about Peru

Peru. A great holiday destination. Many people are considering Peru as their foreign country holiday. However, because they don’t’ know all the facts about this country, they are struggling to make certain decisions about where to go and how to find the best resort or hotel. This is why you should make sure that you know all these information about Peru.

You need to have some cash on you

The first thing that you need to know about Peru, is that you need to have some cash on you. Especially, if you are buying things that are not expensive. The people of Peru don’t like it if you are paying with your card when it comes to buying small things.

This is why you should rather consider having cash on you. You will be liked by the locals, and you won’t have any problems paying for something.

Lima is a city to visit

The one thing that not many people know, is that Lima is the one city that you need to visit. There might be some other, great places as well. However, you need to make sure that Lima is on your list of places to visit. Those that don’t know about Lima is going to regret not going there.

This is one of the largest cities in Peru and there are a variety of things that you can do in Lima. From finding some of the best food to great accommodation and lots of tourist attractions.

The Inca Trail is really difficult to walk

Most people are going to Peru for the Inca trail. If you think that people are lying about the difficulty of the trail, you should think again.

This is really a long and hard walk. You can’t do this trail if you have small children with you. The reward is going to be on top of the mountain but getting there is hard. This is really the truth. Taking water, food and wearing comfortable shoes is truly a must.

Peru is a great country to visit. You will not regret going there for one minute. And if you are following our guide to Peru, then you will even have a much better experience. There are some other things that you should know as well about Peru, but these three things are the top things about Peru that you need to know. This is the only way to experience Peru completely. And, even if the Inca trail is so difficult, this is something that you should consider doing. The end result will take your breath away.


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