How to Travel for Free

You love to travel around the world and get to see things that are unavailable in your locality. However, if you do not have the funds to pay for your air ticket, this dream may never become a reality especially if you do not know of some ways you can secure your air ticket without paying for it. Here are some great ideas that will ensure that you get to travel to your choice destination for free:

  • Asking for a travel gift card

In the event that your birthday is coming up or there are some upcoming celebrations such as Christmas or a graduation, you can request your family to issue gift cards instead of any other gift. Most of the airlines sell gift cards or alternatively, you can get a gift card that can be redeemed on multiple carriers. You will then use the gift cards to travel to a destination of your choice without having to pay for your ticket.

  • Driving other people’s cars from one destination to the other

In the event that you do not have your own vehicle, you can work with relocation companies to drive people’s cars to various destinations. You will be required to be at least 23 years and also have a valid driving license and in addition, a deposit of about $350 will be required for the security of the vehicle you will be driving. You will be paid for this service and the gas used will be paid for by the vehicle’s owner.

  • Working on a ship

You can ask for employment on a cruise ship where most of the times the workers are overworked and require extra hands. With such an arrangement, you will get free accommodation, food, and in addition, get a chance to travel the world absolutely free. If you are lucky to get full time employment, you will get a salary as you actuaries your dream of traveling across the globe for free.

  • Work as a flight attendant

A flight attendant will be able to travel the world for free and in addition, earn a living by providing her services to those on board. You will also be entitled to get a discount on leisure travel every once in a while. You will need to undertake the relevant courses to qualify for this job and afterward, apply for a job with any of the airlines such as Delta, United Airlines or American Airline.

  • Working as an Au Pair

If you have a soft spot for kids, getting a job as an international nanny will ensure that you get free food, accommodation, and in addition, get paid for it. Some people will be kind enough to fund your travel. This service is available in most of the countries such as Australia, Switzerland, Italy Spain, and France, among others.

You do not have to shelve your dream of traveling around the world simply because you do not have the funds to do so. Looking for opportunities to provide your services in exchange for a chance to travel is ideal as your security will also be guaranteed.


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